"Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire."

English Literature major. Alabama. 21. My interests are philosophy, computer programming, cosplaying, music, and fitness. I'm kind of everywhere, which leaves me nowhere.

Sometimes I talk about my life on here.

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darlin darlin doesn’t have a problem
lying to herself cuz her liquor’s top shelf

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Hey Samantha. Stumbled across your tumblr after noticing the story post about you smoking. Somehow you make it sound pretty : )
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Smoking can be pretty but that sure doesn’t make it good for you :(

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In the beginning of the summer I met a couple of korean guys at a bar and we exchanged numbers. Since then we have hung out many times, smoking hookah and them teaching me more Korean as I help them learn English. It’s been really fun because they are the first Korean people to really accept me and want to continue being friends with me despite me only being half Korean. I’ve become a lot closer to one of them and even though there is a language barrier we get along very well and there is always something for us to (try to) talk about. It is amazing the general manners that Korean men have versus American men. He always makes sure I get home ok, he always says thank you for every little friendly thing I do for him whether it is just make him a cup of tea or throw away trash from a meal we share. You can just tell he is a good man and very respectable. It’s very different from the frat culture here.

Also, it is amazing to see the faces of the people around us as we try to communicate with each other. He speaks little English, but it is a lot better than my korean. So mostly we speak in English because he is trying to learn more of it for his job in the states right now. I am astounded by the judgmental glares of American people around us. It is almost as if they’re scoffing at our trying to be friends, like it is too awkward for them to watch. Multiple times my friend has asked me if I was embarrassed to be seen with him or have people watch us. But at almost every restaurant or coffee shop we’ve hung out at there are also a group of Korean kids (sometimes he happens to know one of them), it is the same for me; a group of korean people looking at him wondering why he is talking to what they presumably think is an all American girl.

There is actually a very decent Korean population in my college town, and the three years I’ve been here I’ve felt ostracized from trying to make Korean friends. But he feels the same way; he’s been working and interning at the Kia and Hyundai plant for 6 months now and he told me I have been the only American friend he has made… It kind of broke my heart. People obviously don’t want to try to befriend foreigners here even though this is supposed to be a diverse campus. I don’t know, maybe it is special to me because finally I have someone help me learn more about my mother’s culture and language, but I really do think more people need to step out of their comfort zones and actually try to meet new people (or at least not glare at people who are trying). It is amazing how you can actually become comfortable around someone despite language.

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This is so important

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I am not even playin anymore.

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I am not even playin anymore.


(by Bazzerio)

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“A single metaphor can give birth to love.” - Milan Kundera

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“A single metaphor can give birth to love.” - Milan Kundera

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