"Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire."

English Literature major. Alabama. 20. My interests are philosophy, computer programming, cosplaying, music, and fitness. I'm kind of everywhere, which leaves me nowhere.

Sometimes I talk about my life on here.

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It’s that dreary time again. Finals are upon me and I turn to tumblr to distract me. Looking back on my blog today, I realized I’ve only posted 4-5 times since January—when I thought this year was fresh and would last a lifetime. That’s how I always feel about a new year. Summer is almost here now, but I won’t put my sweater away, and I won’t stop wearing eyeliner like it won’t melt off.

Stay Strong Korea.

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Stay Strong Korea.

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I thought I was the only half-Asian who had that issue with uneven eyelids! It's nice to know that it's a normal thing.
by Anonymous

It’s definitely not just me. Also, if you are interested, there are quite a few helpful YouTube tutorials that show how make-up can make them look even. Gotta love eyeliner!

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All these racist comments towards the Superbowl Coca Cola commercial in which America the Beautiful is sung in different languages, are extremely saddening to me. As someone who has a mother that barely speaks English, and a sister who came to this country who didn’t speak any, I am hurt by my fellow American citizens. I am shocked that people don’t recognize that this country is a melting pot of all people and cultures. America has no defined culture, but based on the comments made about the commercial, it seems that America is full of bigots that have no sense of culture whatsoever.

Furthermore, it scares me that many of these angry comments are coming from soldiers. Many are saying Budweiser’s commercial that celebrates an American soldier coming home is what America is all about, and that the Coca Cola commercial was disgusting and offensive to America. The reason this scares me is because as I mentioned, my mother is not from this country, but I am still in the military. I am legally contracted to serve 8 years in the world’s finest Navy. I am scared to serve among soldiers and sailors so ignorant to tell me people like my mother do not belong in a commercial in which immigrants praise America. And I think someone is vitally wrong with this country if I should ever feel so scared.

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My new anxiety medication says WARNING DECREASE GRAPEFRUIT CONSUMPTION and I really don’t know what to do. I love grapefruit. Also, why grapefruit?

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Wow a hundred followers! Thanks guys, hope to post more!

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Goodnight tumblr.

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Goodnight tumblr.

Besides copious amounts of school work my life is going really great right now. I was chosen to be company commander in my ROTC unit and it’s really an honor to me because you have to be thought of fairly highly and also it is extremely rare for a girl to get picked for such a big leadership position. My classes are really interesting: Renaissance Lit, Film and Lit, Topics in African American Lit, Naval Weapon Systems, and Engineering Physics 2.

I just feel happy to be busy again in school and ROTC and not feel my brain going to mush like it was at home over Christmas break. Also I have a really very nice guy by my side to take my battery to Auto Zone and hold me when I cry but still tell me I’m really strong so that’s really comforting. He’s good for me.

All in all 2014 is starting out to be a great year.

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Three weeks of no school, only wearing jeans or pajamas, and not giving a fuck. This is what natural looks like haha.

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Three weeks of no school, only wearing jeans or pajamas, and not giving a fuck. This is what natural looks like haha.

Got my first tattoo today, outta nowhere. Went alone and the tattoo artist was mildly confused because I guess most first timers (especially girls) bring a posse or friend to video or post updates on twitter every five minutes.

Oh the life of a loner. So casual.

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I just saw a Descendents t-shirt at Hot Topic and I don’t understand.

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